The Engen Volkswagen Cup racing at Aldo Scribante Raceway in Port Elizabeth on Saturday proved a demanding and exciting round of the 2015 national championship. Three races with three different race winners showed an intensity of action with the competitors fully committed to winning at all costs.

The qualifying session saw Matt Shorter (11 – Champion) the quickest of the pack, with his brother Chris (33 – Hollard) third quickest. Between them was Mathew Hodges (M1 – Makopano / Phoenix Signs / 959 Panelbeaters), again showing just how much of an influence the Masters competitors are having on the season this year.

This effect was felt in race one yet again when Hodges crossed the line for first place, followed by Matt Shorter with another Masters competitor, Juan Gerber (M8) finishing in third place.

Race two was rather different, with the youngsters in the field making their mark on the race day. First across the line was local racer Daniel Rowe (2 – Ferodo) followed by Shaun La Reservee (9 – Alpine Motors / Compendium) second and championship leader Sheldon van der Linde (1 – Champion) taking third spot.

Race two was arguably the most action-packed and exciting of the day. Close battles throughout the field made it difficult for spectators to decide what to watch on track. Up front was a tough battle between Rowe and La Reservee, mid-field Hodges and Bradley Liebenberg (12 – Ferodo) were involved in a battle and returning racer Gary van Heerden (M7 – NutriTech) spent his first day back in Engen Volkswagen Cup getting to grips with the formula.

Race three saw the third race winner for the day, this time it was Chris Shorter who claimed first, followed home by Van der Linde and then Rowe.

By the time the dust had settled after the three races – two races of eight laps and one of 10 laps – it was the defending champion, Van der Linde, who finished at the top of the results, taking first overall for the day. Van der Linde's teammate and local PE racer, Rowe, took second and Chris Shorter claimed third.

In the Masters category Hodges was the most successful racer on the day with Gerber taking second and Trevor Bland (M2 – PG Glass / Alpine Motors) taking second and Shaun Holtzhausen (M4 – Makopano / Phoenix Signs / 959 Panelbeaters) third on the list of top Masters finishers at the Scribante event.

The Engen Volkswagen Cup racers will go into competition again on Saturday, July 11, when they contest round four of the Extreme Festival in East London.



1. Mathew Hodges – M1 (Makopano / Phoenix Signs / 959 Panelbeaters)

2. Matt Shorter – 11 (Champion)

3. Juan Gerber (M8)


1. Daniel Rowe – 2 (Ferodo)

2. Shaun La Reservee (9 – Alpine Motors / Compendium)

3. Sheldon van der Linde – 1 (Champion)


1. Chris Shorter (33 – Hollard)

2. Sheldon van der Linde – 1 (Champion)

3. Daniel Rowe – 2 (Ferodo)


1. Sheldon van der Linde – 1 (Champion)

2. Daniel Rowe – 2 (Ferodo)

3. Chris Shorter (33 – Hollard)


1. Mathew Hodges – M1 (Makopano / Phoenix Signs / 959 Panelbeaters

2. Trevor Bland – M2 (PG Glass / Alpine Motors)

3. Shaun Holtzhausen – M4 (Makopano / Phoenix Signs / 959 Panelbeaters)


1. Sheldon van der Linde – 169

2. Mathew Hodges – 156

3. Daniel Rowe – 133

4. Matt Shorter – 130

5. Trevor Bland - 129