East London hosts the Engen Volkswagen Cup championship on Saturday, July 9. This will be round four of the national championship, following on from their last round in Port Elizabeth in early June.

Just like the Port Elizabeth round, Keagan Masters (18 – Champion) again enters the event as the championship leader. Masters didn't win any races in PE, but he did claim the bonus points for pole position qualifying and producing the fastest race lap. While Masters did not win any races, he was on the podium for each race and this has helped him keep a 10 point lead.

It is Christopher Shorter (33 – Payen/Hollard/Turn1) that has the job of keeping Masters on his toes – as Shorter is the only competitor currently in a position to challenge the lead for the championship lead. Shorter has produced results which have not been far removed from that of Masters. This keeps them in close proximity after the first three rounds and, if it continues is going to make for a really climactic finish to the season.

The East London circuit is not a track to be taken lightly. With the long straight, the Engen Volkswagen Cup competitors record their fastest speeds of the season – and they need total commitment in order to successfully negotiate Potter's Pass.

In third position in the championship, things get even more interesting. The Masters competitors (competitors older than 27) run their own championship, but also score points in the overall championship. Currently Trevor Bland (M2 – Universal Health Care/Phoenix) holds third overall and also third in the Masters.

Shaun La Reserveé (M3 – Alpine Motors / Compendium Insurance) is second in the Masters category – but is fourth overall in the championship. There is a seven-point gap between La Reserveé and Bland in the Masters (favouring La Reserveé) and a five point gap overall (favouring Bland). It won't take much to change this up quite dramatically in East London – and that's where Masters leader Juan Gerber (M8 – Glasfit/Ctrack/XCT) enters the mix.

Gerber leaders the Masters, but trails both Bland and La Reserveé in the overall championship, but there are only seven points between all three of them. Gerber could, with one really good race day, create more breathing room for himself in the Masters, while also promoting himself to third overall in the Engen Volkswagen Cup championship.

The Engen Volkswagen Cup competitors will deliver another action-packed round of competition in East London. With the enthusiasm of these Volkswagen Polo TSI on track, it is going to be an exciting day as they challenge each other for every single point.