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And it is one, two, three for the Engen Volkswagen Cup champions

The Engen Volkswagen Cup finale at Zwartkops Raceway on Saturday produced a showstopping result, when Signature Motorsport became the first team in the 20 year history of the championship to claim first, second and third place in the series.

Christopher Shorter (33 – Payen / Turn 1) is the 2016 Engen Volkswagen Cup champion with his teammates Bradley Liebenberg (12 – Ferodo) and Keagan Masters (18 – Champion) taking second and third place. The trio claimed not only the Junior title in this series, but also the overall championship honours.

“Engen Volkswagen Cup always delivers in terms of action and the unexpected,” says Mike Rowe, head of Volkswagen Motorsport. “Two decades of competition and it is still fresh and exciting, with the drivers pushing each other to succeed. The 2016 season produced the closest championship finish in the history of the series and also marks the first time a single team has managed to claim all of the top three finishing positions.”

There are 36 points to score and Bradley Liebenberg (12 – Ferodo), Christopher Shorter (33 – Payen / Turn 1), Keagan Masters (18 – Champion) and Shaun La Réservée (M3 – Alpine Motors / Compendium Insurance) all have a shot at the title! That's four drivers all hoping to claim the Engen Volkswagen Cup championship title with just two races left in the season.

The margin of victory in the championship was just a single point between Shorter and Liebenberg. Masters was also recognised for his achievements on track, being awarded Rookie of the Year for his performance.

The Masters champion for 2016 is Shaun La Réservée (M3 – Alpine Motors / Compendium Insurance), with Juan Gerber (M8 – Glasfit / Ctrack) taking second place and Trevor Bland (M2 – Universal Health Care/Phoenix) third for the season. The battle for this championship was no less intense and La Réservée's margin of victory was just two points – despite scoring the most race victories of any driver this season – while Gerber had only four points on Bland.

Kuda Vazhure (19 – Volkswagen Motorsport) was recognised, by vote from his peers in Engen Volkswagen Cup, as the Most Improved Driver this season.

“All of the Engen Volkswagen Cup competitors deserve recognition for one of the toughest seasons ever in the series,” says Rowe. “They have raised the game this year and displayed exactly why Engen Volkswagen Cup competition is important to national motorsport in South Africa – laying the groundwork for the development of this country's best motorsport talent to emerge and serve to grow other series with competitive new drivers.”

In true Engen Volkswagen Cup style, the final race weekend provided a mix of drama which saw the weather play a role, some tense moments on track which saw the Safety Car deployed while cars and debris were cleared in turn two and saw the early retirement of Masters champion La Réservée from race two while overall champion Liebenberg ended up right at the back of the field, having to fight to score any points in the race.


  1. Shaun La Reservee (M3 – Alpine Motors / Compendium Insurance)

  2. Bradley Liebenberg (12 – Ferodo)

  3. Keagan Masters (18 – Champion)


  1. Trevor Bland (M2 – Universal Health Care/Phoenix)

  2. Juan Gerber (M8 – Glasfit / Ctrack)

  3. Chris Shorter (33 – Payen / Turn 1)


  1. Chris Shorter (33 – Payen / Turn 1)

  2. Juan Gerber (M8 – Glasfit / Ctrack)

  3. Trevor Bland (M2 – Universal Health Care/Phoenix)


  1. Juan Gerber (M8 – Glasfit / Ctrack)

  2. Trevor Bland (M2 – Universal Health Care/Phoenix)

  3. Gary van Heerden (M4 – Nutritech / Motul)


  1. Chris Shorter (33 – Payen/Hollard/Turn1 – 186

  2. Bradley Liebenberg (12 – Ferodo) – 185

  3. Keagan Masters (18 – Champion) – 167

  4. Shaun La Reservee (M3 – Alpine Motors / Compendium Insurance) – 162

  5. Trevor Bland (M2 – Universal Health Care/Phoenix) – 152



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